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Teddy has finally accept Santa as part of the family, after 2 weeks.

  PC020047When Santa first arrived he was given the cold shoulder by Teddy. Life was tremble for poor Santa during the 1st week in our house.

PC020052Bedtime on his 1st night in our home, turned out to be a merry go round. It took my wife and I closed to an 1/2hr to settle the conflicts. Santa was only 50days old when we brought him. He tried to snug up to our Female Teddy. This action was not taken kindly by Teddy, she started to growl indicating her displeasure that Santa is now invading into her territory. Teddy had been occupying a floor space on my side of the bed for the past 3 years.

This is a dangerous situation as Santa can be hurt if there is a fight. I am glad that Teddy is able to control herself, as I did not observe her bearing her teeth when she growl.
To diffuse the situation, my wife carried Santa to her side of the bed, However it was fruitless effort, once he is on the floor , he will immediately runs toward Teddy and tried to snug and cosy up to her body, looking for a replacement mother. Another commotion and loud growl, have to carry Santa back to the other side of the room, this circus was repeated, until, we resolved it by using a few cartons to make a barrier. With no where to go, Santa finally settled down in to his basket bed which is lined with a towel that had the scent of his litter mate. I had prepared this tower with the body scent of his litter mate by rubbing the tower against all the other pup bodies,when we went to bring Santa back from the breeder home. I prepared this tower to wrap him and hoping to  reduce the anxiety stress during the long car trip back home. Never expect that it be be put to good use.
For next 4-5 nights, the nightly 10 minutes before bed time is an amusing riotous affair. Using rewards by throwing some dog biscuits into Santa’s bed help to trained him to jump into his bed. once he is in, patting and stroking keep him at ease, also as days past, Teddy slowly starts to accept Santa, but still keeping a distance.

Over the next 2 weeks constantly  calling his name, until he starts to response when his names is being called.
Training starts thereafter with the sit and come commands(in a room away from teddy) . It took 2 weeks supported with generous hand out of dog biscuits to obtain some level of lack lustre response.

The 3rd week of training was done with teddy around, on an assumption that Santa will be able to pick up from Teddy when Teddy response to a command.  I had special reason to use this method,other than the just stated objective.
The more important agenda is to instil on to Santa this position in the pack.

When I called Teddy sit  ……. Santa sit
Teddy will responses immediately, If Santa does not sit, calling sit the command again, he will made him response. Once  they are in the sit position, a biscuit will be given to Teddy, this will make Santa jump up and rush for it, when this happen I will call Santa to sit again and add “wait”, Teddy will be given a biscuit  follow with a biscuit for Santa.
Once they have finished the biscuit, I will give Teddy another biscuit this action will again, make Santa rush for it, immediately issue a sit command to stop his motion, once seated, biscuit will be given to him.
This is repeated a few times each day.—Santa’s response to sit command has quicken up.  ALSO  by this action of giving the biscuit to Teddy first all the time is to instil on to Santa the pecking order. Secondly it is also

a signal to Teddy that she is one level up. Working on  a philosophy that once the pecking order is settled, Teddy will accept Santa as part of the family.

PC030015  Glad to say this works,  Teddy and Santa are now on good terms.




To know on how My DIY training method—view under Category –training and commands

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