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Teddy’s behaviour and my observation of the changes from pup to adolescent .

Her black nose with a large puffy head makes her look like a Teddy bear- we give her this name because of her look . 3mth

From Hindsight I notice that she “house broke faster” than Santa. There was no accident  after the 2 week, even during this period the only accidents was urinating she had not pooch in the house since day one. Pre-caution taken from day one helps.
When we brought her back from the breeder, she was given only 1/2hr to browse and smell around the house. Thereafter , brought her out to the garden on a lash and move around until she make her 1st water hole.- gave her a pat her on head as a praise. Guide her around around the garden letting her enjoy her sniffing and smelling of very  bush and corners.

The moment she finished her 1st dinner in our house, immediately open the door and signal to her to come by clapping my hand. During this initial orientation stage- when she does not even know her name – only sound and action is effective, being a 50days old pup,is it natural for her to follow the handler. Once she is out, guide her to the spot that she had make her 1st watering hole, before long she will pooch.

The moment I woke up the next morning,- clapped me hand to signal her to the door and let her out, this time lash free, soon nature take over. Once she finished her job,called her name and and clapping the hand will make her comes back, time to give a pat and a body rub to show my appreciation,but  I will not carry her up, at this stage any sudden lifting off the ground might shock her.

Her breakfast will be after I had finish my morning routine in the the toilet. Again the same procedure, call her name, clap the hand and call out “weewee”
she will rushs out, this time I need only to stand in front of the door and let her take her time to sniff and does her great Bombs away.  By repeating the same procedure it will be her natural routine in a week.

The timing of bring a new pup home is important , as  I have to work and does not have the pleasure of taking long leave. My wife and I took her home on a Thursday afternoon, this will give me time to orientate her during the weekend, with only 1.1/2day off from work.

With 3 meals a day +1 trip before breakfast and 1 trip before bed, and the standard outing every hour on the hour I can safely say, routine will be set by Monday morning. However she was not allowed to move the gate of our house until she had all her jabs. which literally means a confinement of 1month.

I am glad we are self employed therefore bring Teddy to work, was not a problem. I had prepared a baby cage barrier in out office car pouch, she will be spending 1/2 a day there with her toys. I do not like doggie grate, although from what I had read, grate gives a dog security,however I had make a personal decision my dogs will not be grated and prison up. They will be free to roam within the confine of  our set environment. Home: free runs of the house and garden and in our office anywhere within the fence up area

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