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Our chow chow Companions.

P1310067 A busy business life, where travelling is the norm, and having to leave home every month I am glad our 2 chow chow helps to make life easier for my wife.
I hope this blog for all to see,will serve as our appreciation for the fun, love and crazy situation that our 2 chows have given us.  Knowing their short life span and  where memory is short, keeping a records of the happy time  will make many happy reading should they leave us, with God grace I hope they can achieve a good 10-12 years. Teddy is now 3 years and Santa will be 11 months of age come next month.

To all Dog lovers, I welcome your  contributions.  With more true life experience contribution, any potential  first time chow chow owner can feel at ease and remove some of the concern pertaining to this breed. 
Contribution from owners of other breed is also welcome as it will help dog owners to expand their knowledge and prevent increasing the population of shelter dogs.

 Sending a devote companion to the shelter because of  relationship problem is cruel, as some of the faults are not of the dog own making.
I believe in our modern age all of us are Pro Life. Putting down life innocent life should be avoided at all possible cause.

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