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Teddy our 1st chow chow



Teddy our 1st chow chow

Teddy-3months old.Teddy our 1st female chow chow  Teddy came into our family on the 5th of May 2007.
She was chosen from a litter of 4.
What makes me chose her(our 1st chow chow).
1) the one only in the litter than dares to  come to the  netting when I used a coin to rattle the crate netting—display no phobia
2) Constantly climbs over the other pups in the cage—dominant character.
3) when held up towards my face to established eye contact- did not shy away, in fact she even started to lip my face.—does not display any timidity, this is what I like.

Physical check: ears: nice pink colour- no black spot and no unpleasant smell.
Eye: does not display eyelid abnormality (Entropion).
Rashes or  hot spots: use a combo to brush the fur  to check for any red spots- none
Limps and postures: Ask my wife to lure pup towards her while I watch to see if there is any abnormality on the limps—none.
Body odour : none

Wife likes Teddy- so be it—she is ours.
To reduce any stress and anxiety—I brought a towel and rub the tower against the body of the other pubs.
Wrap Teddy with the tower and sleep with ease during the car trip back home.
The process of the towel against the body of her littermate- is to help her  fell comfortable and a sense of security, as she is being separated from her litter mate. This is important during the first few nights in a new environment( our home)- the smell will put Teddy at ease, A tip given to me by a class mate of my back home. 


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