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Santa our 2nd chow chow-male


Santa came in our life on the 15th of Nov2009.
enjoying himself on our office
He was only 2 kg when we  brought him home

P3190044 Santa rate of growth was 1kg /week for the 1st 5months
Tip the scale end June2010 at 28kg.
He is a true gluten, consume anything that is given to him.




P3140014 His 1st winter, love snow and the freezing temperature.








Santa now in this 10mth, has starts to change from a timid follower to a relative independent minded adolescent and relatively stubborn at time.
Displaying the typical characteristic chow chow nature. Will obey only if the command is given in a loud voice. Had been trained since his first day with us
to understand  the words : Sit, come, sleep, stay, Stop, NO. and his favorite command “EAT”, and wee wee.
He picks up very quickly from Teddy our 3 years old female chow chow our house rule on do and don’t.

After his 6 months birthday, I came to realize, individual dogs have difference character and behavior even within the same breeed- similar to a human. Santa has a character that is totally difference to Teddy which exhibits a typical chow chow introvert character.
Santa is friendly and an extrovert. Compared to a the normal chow chow character which is reserve and a loner,does not like strange dogs and stranger bothering him. Santa cannot resist playing with other dogs, will allow stranger to touch and even rub his body, he has no phobia in regards to being approach from behind.
I am keen to see if there is any changes in his character when he comes a mature adult (around 1.1/2yrs old).


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