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The dramas involved in our acquisition of our chows.

When ever I reflect back to the episode in 2007,when I informed my wife that  I will buy per a dog. Give me an inner feeling of chow time2true happiness. it was then that I realised that my wife has a very soft compassionate heart, any sight showing dogs not being properly taken care of makes her very uncomfortable.

The reason why I decided to buy her a dog after all this years will be a secret only she and I will know. She loves playing with our former neighbours chow chow and  wish to have one of her own.
Back in 2007, was my 7th years in china, and still trying to find our way around, in this large North eastern city. High drama began to enfold from now on. Seek help and advise from friends, office staff and business associate, of the more than 15 persons that we asked only 2 was able to provide some very vague clue. Basing on the these tips, we visited a wholesales dog market—— Holly cow, we could not believe what we saw. This huge complex and it’s surrounding large open area houses dogs of every shape and size from Pedigree to mix.  It took us 1/2days to finish absorbing the sight and sound. However, my wife started to complained and felt comfortable when she see over crowded grates, grates with with the dogs and pups and empty waterless bowl. and on 2 occasions she pours some water from the mineral water that she was carrying into the empty bowl, those who saw her doing it started to her a funny look.  The vendors range from puppy mills to dog owners trying to sell of pups from was produced by their own dogs, ad hoc breeder( mainly famers) trying to make some spare money from their breeding ventures, and finally the specialised breeder with pedigree and shop wall lined with photos and certificates from their champion stock. In we went into these shops, yes the cage is clear and the chow chow pubs are cute, however we froze when the breeder started to make offer, male pup range starts from Y8,000-Y20,000(US$1200~3000) and bitches range from Y5000 to y10,000.  I felt my wife fingers biting into my palm. This is more than 2 month salary of a top local manager. I now realised that I am still green in China.  We are outclass in this environment. We finished this week end  amazed and perplexed. A nice learning curve for a spring weekend and the trip back home was an enjoyable rounds of chatting, my wife had been chatting non stop covering every topics from money to dogs, well we had a good day.

Our next trip the following weekend was to a breeder that involved 2 hrs driving from town, Mr Zhang specialised in Tibetan Mastiff and chow chow.  He is proud of this stock, showing us all  the fine features that his chow chows have. I was given a lesson on the difference between a Chinese chow and a Russian chow. Chinese chow chow have a slightly longer nose. Russian chow chow has more prominent stub nose, large mare and very short legs. However there was less than 2months old for view, currently have 3 that is around 5 months old. Showed me the parent of the 3 pups, the parent was sleeping in this office, friendly posture and well behave. Price offered for the  5months old –Y6500. from the nuance, there is room for a discount. However I am not keen on 5months old, mainly because, it will take some testing time to train and convert the dogs to understand command in English, my 7 years in china does help to improved my Chinese, however I am still more comfortable in English than Chinese.  Another outing an another eye opener, I started to enjoy these abnormal weekend without any dent in my bank account. More queries and more weekends visits to doggie farms, these has turn an adventure lapping up the nice and cool spring season. We took a break after the 4th week end, and turn our attention to visiting some flowers shop as it is time to look for flowers to brighten up the garden.

Off all place we found our Teddy in the most unlikely place- a shop selling flowers. The lady shop owner as cuddling a cream chow chow pup. While I was choosing my flowers,Michelle ( my wife) started to play with the pup and was chatting with the lady shop owner, before I would finalized my purchase ,Michelle pulled me to the back of the shop and there was a large cage with 3 chow chow pups. 1 black  and 2 Cimarron colour pup. I was told that this is the first litter from their 3years chow chow. The white is not for sales only the 3 in the cage is available if we wants it. Spend a few minutes observing these 3 cutes pup lumber one over the other. However there is one with a very black nose that is more bossy than the other two, constantly  poking her nose against the netting and following my hand as I rattle my fingers against the grating. after 3 rounds I asked permission to take her out of the cage.  Visual examination, no smelly ears, clean large eye, when the eye lid was rolled back looks good does not appears to have entropion. The whole mouth is completed black without any pink speck discoloration. Run around with a nice posture.
I told Michelle, if black nose is ok pup is ok. do your part and strike for a good price. When ever Michelle drives a bargain, I will move away, she knowing she give no quarters to the other party.

High drama from here on– Asking price Y4000. she offered Y2000, this ding dong bell, was not moving our way, the price finally came down to Y3000. Michelle is still not prepare to accept it. She told the lady owner , she will think about , and after I paid for my flowers we left. but she was walking away slowly(in my mind this is not normal) as we walk, she told me that she is testing if  the lady will call her back. Sorry to say  she fail in her test of wits.
I told her in the car, Y3000 looks reasonable. not reply from her,she was fairly quite during the trip back home deep in her thought. Over dinner she started to ask for my decision on the price and what I think about this black nose pup, I told her I like it and price from our survey this is ok, must cheaper than others. With comments from me, she started to loosen up and  talk bout the curtness of this black nose pup, will I help her to take care of it. From these questions I know that she loves this pup and is waiting for my nod.

Bedtime that night, I was probed with questions that I find it hard to give an answer. – will come one buy it before us, do I think it will be sold, when will be my next outstation trips. I find it amusing. and I did my best to put her at ease. We left the shop around 3.00pm, and the shop closes at 5pm, within 2 hrs before closing time to sell of the black nose pup, not possible,, trip I will delay until this black nose pup is house broken and trained. This constant probe for reassurance and the anxiety she displayed, brought me back to the sweet memory of early days when we started life together, a young lady setting up a new home. – I am blessed.

We were back at the shop early he next morning to ensure the pup with the big back nose is around. Wife did another run of bargaining and finally it was settled at Y2600($400). Relieved and happy that she had what she wanted.

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