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Santa developed rashes this summer.


Poor Santa with his beautiful coat of fur  was reduced to

P7270002 this haggard look after the vet had his fur cropped.

He handled his 3 daily jabs with grace, I just have to saddle him between my legs while the nurse gave him his jab. I was surprised that he did not even bark and try to struggle free.

He shows this toughness on the 2nd and 3rd trip—I expected him to developed a phobia when we bring him to the clinic. Surprising he shows no sign of fear, Santa our tough dog just wait in to the clinic on all his subsequent visit for this jab. For his bravery he was given a jerky at the end of every jab.

Getting better now. After finishing the prescription which contain Aloe as one of the ingredient, I apply my own garden fresh medication, cutting strips from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant in our garden

and rub it all over Santa’s body every evening. Apparently it works as the red spots started disappear.

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