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3years old Teddy.


1 years old P1210007

2years of age


taken during this summer
she is now at her prime age of 3 years.



To-date. Teddy  has not disappointed us. She makes a good companion with her mild temperament. The following list per temperament that make us feeling contented.

  • Does not approach and disturb or pay attention to passer by during her walk around- Her favourite activities during her walk is to smell every niche and corners. she even ignore other dogs. She stop playing with other dogs as she grows up. Displays a loner altitude once she pass her 2nd years.
  • A relative quick learner, she is now able to understand a fair amount of words and understand our body language very well. Communication with her is like speaking to a 3/4 years child.
  • Many of her actions amazes me , I had been pondering whether some of her action is self taught. Example: Whenever my wife raises her voice ( which she does often when she is not happy with our son’s behaviour)- Teddy will immediately snug her body against my wife and lift her front pawl and tap her legs. Teddy has saved my son from this telling off situation every time through this action. Teddy’s action will cool Michelle(my wife) down instantly, she will start to pat Teddy on the head and start to comfort Teddy. On one occasion Michelle was sitting when she lost her temper with my son, Teddy snug her head between Michelle’s thigh and tap her pawl against her lap. This action is like a sedative, Michelle cools down and started to rub teddy head, and the telling off session stops.
  • In all the articles that I read on chow chow dogs, most deplete the chow as a one man dog. I think this statement stands to be corrected. When  I am not in town, Michelle is able to handle Teddy without problem, taking teddy out for a walk does not pose a problem to her. Teddy obeys  her command /instruction. Every evening when my sons returns back from school, teddy will follow him to his room,what transpired in this room is puzzle. Teddy loves her family members.
  • Teddy favourite activities : car rides, outing to the countryside, playing in the snow, chasing after squirrels and cats.
  • Her Dislikes: Wet and muddy places,  nosey dogs, person or passerby  wearing black cloths- in  the evening or under dim conditions-she will growls at passerby who is in black. going to the groomer.
  • Health : She is perfect condition, she visits the vet only for her yearly jab. Has a very shiny coat of fur and does not smell. Clean breath.
  • Good guard dog: Barks her head off whenever a stranger approaches the door. BUT calms down once we greet the visitors and tell her “its OK”.
    a short smelling session at the visitors legs and she will back off.
  • Calm and is willing to be left alone: Just speaking to her “Teddy stay and sleep” is a signal to her that we are leaving the house and she is to stay behind. NO  big deal- she will just slop down and does the sphinx crouch and watch us leave.

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