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Good eating habit- understanding the Pecking order.


When Santa our cream color chow chow first arrives in our home in Nov last year. He had a bad habit of going after Teddy’s food. Teddy will growls and he will back off, this goes on for close to 5 months, Now Santa has learned the pecking order, and starts to respect Teddy as the elder. He has learned not to touch Teddy’s food.

In the earlier stage we kept Teddy and Santa’s bowls far apart. Teddy’s bowl in the balcony, and Santa eats in the kitchen, to prevent conflict.
During the first few months, Santa tends to gobble up his food very quickly and tried to steal Teddy’s food. Teddy’s very fierce growl and taking a very ferocious stand has taught Santa to back off and starts to understand the hierarchy that is to be observed and obey.

As of this month when Santa is 10months old, I started to test and see if the pecking order is in trench. I placed Santa’s bowl next to Teddy’s and food is served into Teddy’s bowl first.The above picture shows a peaceful co existence during meal time.

Santa sits back and watch Teddy finishes her meal, no more stealing. Santa tends to be a very fast eater. Teddy takes her own sweet time during meal.

No special training is involved.  The animal kingdom has their own rules, and the pecking order must be obeyed.
However, to ensure a smooth transition, I kept a closed watch and once I felt that the younger Santa understands his position
merging their eating area together is a good test.
To make Santa understands that he occupies the lowest position, I had from the very start fed titbits to Teddy first, if he rush for it, I will make him sit and wait for his turn.
Lashing up for  a walk, the same protocol apply, Santa waits for his turn to be lashed up. Over a period once this pecking order is established,both dogs will play and live in harmony.

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