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Why I love to return home

Teddy and Santa have a very enthusiastic way to welcome me home every evening: Teddy with her whirling tail will snugs my legs and start licking my hand. Santa will try his best to get in front of Teddy to kiss my hand.—the normal evening welcome greeting.

If I am away for a few days on a trip, the greeting will be more raunchy.  Santa will jumps up and try to kiss my hand, and Teddy not willing lose out will be mouthing all over my hand. This will only stops after I give each a good body and ear rub.  Will calm down only after  a few “ OK “ in loud voice.  and will follow me all the way to my room. Waiting for more body rub.
I love it, although some dog owners will not accept their dogs jumping up when greeting. I am glad, that Santa’s habit of jumping up is reserved for me and my wife, he does not perform this acts on visitors.


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