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Obedience does not mean Tame

Chow chow with it’s hunting instinct will show off it’s true fierce character, when a squirrel/ cat or mouse is being sighted, obedience to commands fly off with the wind under this situation.
This week outing to a natural park rocks me back to it’s proper prospective, that an obedience chow is not a tame chow. Teddy and Santa before the incident obeys all commands instantaneously. I was enjoying the sight with my wife,Teddy and Santa was laying peaceful next to us. Suddenly a squirrel runs across our path,in an instant our 2 chow chows rocket off after the squirrel, all my “Stop” and “NO “ commands fell on deaf ears. In seconds they were barking their head off under a tree. Went I caught up with them, I gave them a whack on their behind, and jerking them up by the collars to change their focus, this action knocks some sense into both of them, and when I loudly command them to sit, they comply with hesitation, I followed up with “sleep” this is the command word that I used to trained them to do the Sphinx couch. I am glad Teddy and Santa did as commanded. When  I started to cool down, I decided walk away to see if they will still stay in the same position, I was hoping for an assurance that they are still obedience.

Glad to say that Teddy and Santa did not disappoint me on this aspect.  after walking  a few feet  away calling “ Teddy..Santa come”–  these two “untamed obedience” dogs walks towards me slowly. I observed  that they have a submissive look in their face as they walk with their head pointing downwards. When I see this sight , I had a urge to give them a body rub, I did not do so, to display my displeasure.

I had been pondering over this question for a few days. Is there such a thing as a Tame chow chow.  A dog that will snugs against my legs(to comfort me)  if I display my displeasure or when I raise my voice,  a dog that will not disturb passerby, showing no interest in other dogs and walking slowly and leisurely beside me when we go for a walk, ,  a dog that will sleeps without fail under the table when I  do my work nightly in my study and will follow me to the bedroom when I retire and sleep beside my bed– can change to a fierce indiscipline dog when when encountering small mammal.

The hunting instinct is so strong that it will change the whole character of a chow chow. The inborn DNA  to hunt remains through to form and cannot be altered.  I had asked other  chow chow owners in our neighbourhood on their chow’s behaviour, their chows do chase after cats.

Looks like chow chow owners have to live with it, their obedience chow can change to a fierce hunter if given a chance.

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