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Preparing food for my chow chow


2kgs of low grade cut beef+3 carrots+ 1 small slice of pumpkin( palm size).+1/2 teaspoon of salt+1 bulb of garlic.  Garlic helps to prevent ticks, when the dog sweat, it permeates an odour which is offensive to ticks.
Boiled it in a pressure cooker for 15min.
Pressure cooker helps to soften the low grade cut beef.
Stored it the refrigerator for a night by the next day all the oil will caked up on the surface, remove all caked up oil.

This is enough to keep Teddy(3year old -25kg) and Santa(1year old-20kg) happy for 4-5days, serving 2meals a day.
Daily/meal serving: 2 table spoons of this stew( this cold refrigerator stew is warmed for 1 min in the micro oven)+ 2 scoops of boiled rice and a handful of dry dog food.

  The Pumpkin and the carrot will be the main source of vitamin C. Rice as a carbohyrates is a good and cheap enegry source and also acts a filler, this reduces the amount of dry dog food needed per meal. Cutting down cost and yet providing necessary the required the daily carbonhyrate.  Every other day a hard boiled egg is added during the evening meal. 

Once a day, add 1/4 teaspoon of omega 3/6/9, mixing it into the serving, . This is our dogs staple food after they had grown up from their puppy age of 6months. During the puppy stage only dog food was served to them. 




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