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Unforeseen problem when leaving our dogs in a dog hotel.

A supposedly  happy outing with my wife turns out  making her miserable. I had not foreseen myself getting in this situation over our dogs. When my sister called and informed us that she is coming to Beijing, being away from Singapore for more than 10 years, to me this is an important get together. Advised my wife  one week in advance to prepare for this trip, the first question that was thrown back at me—who is going to take care of Teddy and Santa. In the past we used to go of for our annual holiday, by having our mother in law taking care of our dogs. How with Teddy and Santa grown up to its full weight of 30kgs each, with good intention, I do not like the ideal of having an old lady taking care of 2 heavy weight.

Without a second thought, I replied send our dogs to the dog hotel. Wife was not happy with the idea. She is afraid that  our dogs will be stress up in a new environment.  Will our dogs accept it, will they be able to overcome the separation, can they handle this stress. These are comments that was repeated to  me over and over again days before the trip. On hindsight, I should have consider her feeling and  pay more attention to her apprehension. Being a down to earth person, sending our dogs to a dog hotel is a natural thing to do. The Dog hotel is being run by the Veterinary clinic that we used to bring our dog to. Therefore, I am at peace with our dogs in this place.

On the day of our department, We  brought Teddy and Santa to the Clinic, and  lead them to the holding room, the cages in the holding room were large and clean. The room does not have an odour, this makes me very comfortable. Wife had written a list of instructions, time to feed and what to feed, when to walk the dogs, very detail. Santa went into the cage without any hassle, However Teddy was not prepared to enter the cage, with some coaching in she went, when the door was closed, She started to bark in a low soft tone, and with the mouth half open looking at us with a puzzled eye and with a confused facial expression. Wife saw the expression on Teddy face, she went over and gave teddy a good rub and left the room.

During the whole journey to the airport, she did not utter a single word, knowing my wife, I know she is not in a good mood.

A fair amount of chatting when we finally caught up with my sister and my brother in law. Big dinner party that evening smoothen with good wine. When we retired to our room, thing seem normal, wife started to download photos taken that evening onto her note book. Her note book is loaded with Teddy and Santa’s photos taken when we had our outing photos with our dogs.

Her mood started to change when she started viewing photos of our dogs.  Seeming innocent questions were thrown at me. It is now 11pm, do you think Santa and Teddy  is asleep, can the handler walk our dog properly……….bra,,bra.    She eventually blew up, when I  told her to take it easy. I have suddenly became a heartless person, without any feeling… bra….. bra.

Eventually I had to make a compromised, invited my in laws for lunch, and with the whole morning of getting together should be enough, and change the flight from the late night to an evening flight. Issue closed.

We drove straight to the dog hotel when we reach home late that evening. Teddy was bouncing in the cage when we stepped into the holding room. Teddy did an act which she had not performed before, the moment the cage door was opened she rushed out and jump up on to wife and started to Whinge & Whine, wife eyes swell up.
I now know that  our dogs occupied a very special position in her heart. She started to talk to our dogs, and in  the car the dogs was very restless and excited, our SUV is big enough for them to jump around. From their actions I can tell they are very happy to be back with the family.

By the time we reached home, unpacked , fed the dogs, she insisted that we bring our dogs out for a walk, which is closed to midnight.

Bed time that night was earful: Teddy for the last two days refuses to step out from the cage. Did not take any of her meal. which means she had missed 3 meals all together. Santa, the gluten, only ate a small portion each time, no appetite, My wife had packed 6 hard boiled eggs to be mixed with the food for our dogs. Only 2 was consumed.  Santa has an easy going character and is friendly even to stranger, did follow the handler out for a walk, but after a short distance, pull back on the lash to return. These report that the handler gave to my wife makes me a great heartless sinner bra….bra. Well I have to swallow it in silence.

Apparently, between both of us, there is a very great difference in the level of emotional attachment towards our pets and the our sense of practicality. I love our dogs but to reach an inseparable overboard status, is not my character. Can it be the female maternal instinct in her that  is the cause for these difference in altitude.


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