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Santa’s changing behaviour.

As of this month Santa is 1 year old, for the past week I observed he is slowly changing to be more mature. Response to command is spontaneous. Greeting me every evening is more raunchy, need a minute or two to calm him down. If given an opportunity will try to invade into Teddy’s favourite sleeping area. The floor space in front of my bed side table is Teddy favourite nightly sleeping area. Santa is now trying to retire in the same floor area. when this  happen, there will be a mini dog fight and I have to separate them.  For the past weeks the sleeping arrangement will be Teddy sleeping in his favourite old place and Santa occupying an area close to Teddy.

Santa is also exhibition some Jealousy streak. When ever Teddy is beside me on the sofa,he will come and lick my leg, waiting for my “up” call. Once I give the “up” call, he jumps and sit on my other side. When I return from work, Santa will be try his best to be the first in line  for the body rub.
When it is time to lash up for a walk, a mini fight will developed, Santa will try his best to rush to the front to be lashed up first.

Was surprised by his action one evening when I pat one of my neighbour’s  dog. He was a foot away sniffing the ground, the moment I pat the neighbour’s dog, in he moved putting his body cross between the dog and me, and started to lick my face and body vigorously, to prevent myself from getting a face wash, have to calm him down with a  body rub. 
Every evening when I am in the study on my computer, he will sleep next to my chair, if Teddy comes in first there will be a mini fight to occupied the space. If he loses out he will snug into the space in front of the chair, making it very uncomfortable for me to work on my computer as the chair is now move back from the table.

Santa is much more active than Teddy, his favourite toy is the hard rubber ball which we will dribble the ball between his front pawl like a Professional footballer.
It is fun to watch him kick the full with his pawl and dashing after it, I am amazed that he is able to stop instantaneously without knocking his head against the wall or furniture. Playing with his ball is a daily affair,  yet to see a day goes by without him playing with his ball. After his breakfast is his most active time.

From what I had read, Chow chow is reserved with affection, independent, they don’t always enjoy being fussed, or cuddled. Santa’s action seem to goes against what had been written on this breed.

My wife called him a leech, will always stay closed to either of us, whenever we sit around  he will always be at our feet.
Love body rub,and massage, most relax when I put an arm around him, he will stay in position until I have away. I good night pat on this head and body will makes him goes into sleeping mood. I have by now immune to this snore.


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