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Teddy’s visit to the groomer


Teddy used up this nice autumn Sunday of my- well have to look forward to the following Sunday to enjoy myself….
A good part of this Sunday morning was spend at the salon. Every 1.1/2mths  is Teddy’s turn to be beautified into a sweet smelling dog.
A small hassle developed when we reached the salon, this salon is within the Vet’s premises and also housed the dog hotel that Teddy spend 2nights a fortnight  ago. It appears that Teddy remember this place, and will not go pass the main door.
Have to calm her down, fortunately the Groomer that had been taking care of Teddy for the past 3 years was around in the main hall, she walks over and Teddy started to relax. Since Teddy needs slightly more than an 1hr at the salon, managed to  hop over to the nearby Supermarket to replenished our weekly requirement.

The hall where the payout counter is located is full of dogs and their owners. Have to command Teddy to sit while I pay the bill. When I called out to Teddy to “Sit and wait”,Some of the dog owners started to stared at me with a puzzled look. Your dog understands English ?, why do you used English to speak to your dog ?. Have to explain that I am not a Chinese national. HO.. you have a clever dog that understand English, have to explain that training her with constant repetition of a word they will associated a particular word to an action. A dog is able to associated a particular unique tone to a required action. and language does not come into play. Not to be exhausted with  more questions , quickly pay up and leave.

People in china now is more outward looking, foreigner is now not an unique breed.  Relocated myself to China after the Asian financial crises 11years ago,as a overseas Chinese from Singapore, moving to china armed with a vocabulary of no more than 100 Chinese words, life was tough going during the initial stage. 

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