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Having a picnic at the forest reserved.

Autumn is my favourite season. Cool , bright sunny weather surrounded  by a  scarlet scenery,leaves in all shade of red.
Time to bring our dogs to the natural reserve for a picnic.   
Santa has his head out of the car once we enter the reserve, taking in all the new sight and smell.
Once the tent  was pitched up, Both our dogs treat the tent as their territory, staying close by tent as Sentry.

However their hunting instinct remains hardwired in their head.  Once a bird or squirrel is sighted—these 2 bodies of fur will be galloping towards  the  prey. I very good exercise for them, see them doing their fruitless run and return panting.

It is also a good time to gauge their level of obedience, seeing them run and chase after the squirrels and return without being called and stay around the tent, after their fruitless hunt is very comforting.

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