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Autumn–our chow chow’s most active season.

Autumn  the best season of the year for an active outdoor life. With a cool and dry weather not exceeding 10deg C, during high noon and a constant refreshing breeze all day around. This temperature  is most suitable for chow chow with it’s thick coat. With the breeze constantly  blowing the dry leaves and twigs around the yard, it is a  pleasure to see them endlessly chasing after the moving  leaves, and doing their daily doggie wresting. Teddy and Santa have the same body weight, however Santa with his shorter legs  is always the  losing party.

With the geared up activity, their appetite have also increased greatly. Their day time activity, make them sleep  early and snooze like an elephant trumpeting. 
As our chow chow is a free ranging dogs, and not being confined to a cage, I observed that they are much more lively and  leading a free and care free stress less life, with this life style, they are more friendly without any penned up frustration.

wil-micl-santa-ted-oct2010For the past few weekends, wondering and picnicking at the Natural Reserve, we are one happy family.  

Although they are off lash , they have yet to wonder more than 100mtr away from us, and always in our sight.
Teddy being older is more adventurous. Santa will follow closely to Teddy, however   I notice he will intermittently turn this head and look at us , to ensure himself that we are still around.

During their roaming , should there be a sudden rush, I know they have spotted a squirrel. I am glad the squirrels are able to find their escape route up the tree.  No harm done and good exercise for our dogs, and a chance to re-assure their hunting instinct.

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