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Santa at 13months old

santa5This weekend with it’s cold and rainy weather, Teddy and Santa have to stay indoor. An ideal opportunity to  give them a  good clean up. Started with brushing of their teeth, trim their nails and a good brushing  of their heavy winter coat.
A check on their weight  caught be with some surprise. Teddy  3 years old female weighted in at 24kgs.  and Santa,13months old male has over taken Teddy. He tips the scale at 26kgs. He is really growing up  fast.
Reflecting back to last Nov,  Santa was a tiny pup weighing only 2kgs.  In 12 months he has put on 24kgs.
Santa is now in a more stable stage, having move pass his adolescent period. More  responsive to commands, but has not lost his playfulness. Compare to our layback Teddy,  his is  much more active and a skilful footballer. 
He  has a personality, that is totally difference to the normal chow chow character. Chows normally is a loner, does not like to pay with other dogs, Teddy exhibits this typical character. However Santa will play with any dogs big or small, cannot resist moving towards any strange dogs.

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