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Winter has arrives- 1st snow fall 28th Nov.


PB280026This Sunday started as any normal Sunday,feed  our chow chows and depart for the weekly trip to the supermarket.
By Midday snow started to fall, with a snowing weather double quick our shopping, as I do not like to be on the road on a snowy day.

Teddy and Santa seems to be able  to smell that there is a change in weather, the moment we  open the door, both of them cannon out to play in the snow.
Our chow chows loves the snow, they start to have their doggies play fight and frolicking all over the snow on driveway.
My wife and I took this opportunity to have some fun in the snow. 
Snow seem to activate out outdoor spirit.  Teddy and Santa  have a good 3 plus hours of fun.Have to force them to return back to the house ,as I am afraid they might  get frost bite. With them back into the house, 1st winter labour work starts, sweeping all the snows from the drive way. Look like it is time to spruce up for Christmas.

Santa & Teddy playing in the snow

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