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Doggie Chastity belt


Our 3 year old chow chow is in heat. To prevent Santa our 1.1/2 year male chow  chow from being a  father.
I make Teddy wear a pant  with special padding around the genital area, hopefully this will prevent any incident and surprises.
She is not Neutral  yet.   Reason being I am  still observing our Male Santa’s characters. So far he has not exhibits any bad temperament.  
I am waiting for another year to firm up by decision.
Teddy has proven that she will be a good mother: layback character, non aggressive temperament, gets along well with dogs that she likes. Highly socialized by now, will not disturb any passer by, just love to go about her own way—has a true chow chow independent character.  Her only bad side is loves  to chase cats and squirrel. 
Very protective in nature. For the past years she spend 1/2 a day in my office, and  she will bark at courier or post man that venture into the office and follow them around. She stops barking once our office personnel acknowledge and greet the visitor.

So far Santa exhibits his playfulness and shows no aggression to any strange dogs.  Even strangers is able to pat him.Loved to be fondled.

So far so good, will allow  Santa to mate with Teddy, if by next year there is no dramatic change in character.     

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