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Emotional bond.

Today is miserable day for me and Michelle. Normally every morning Santa will give us a morning call by licking our foot. This morning was all quite, this active footballer was not able to get up from his crouching position. Massage does not work, have to help him up bodily. Santa works with a limp, have to carry him to the car to visit the Vet. This is no an easy task , 28kgs of fur and lifting it on to the car seat take some effort.
X ray results do not reveal any problem. Than why is he limping? The Vet was not able to give me his opinion, and what to do to set it right. He finally decided to give a injection consisting of honey mix and some mild pain killer.

On the way back, Michelle make a statement that makes me very uncomfortable. “ Santa please do not die, I cannot take it, if you leave me. Please get well soon”. I know Michelle loves Santa with all her heart, but to express this level of emotion was beyond my expectation.

Santa did not take his breakfast. During lunch, Michelle hand feed him .I had to return to work after lunch. The Biggest surprise and a big bonus await me. Santa was limping towards me when I open the door. I yell out with joy and a sense of happiness. When I left the house after lunch, Santa was still not able to get up. In 5 hours Michelle had nurse him back. Apparently, the injection is effective.

During dinner our glutton Santa finished his meal in not time, to me this is a good sign.
Michelle was all smile, when Santa is able to go for this evening walk.
Michelle was chatting and happy like a lark, her treasure is not recovering.

Keeping my find cross to see, how Santa behaves tomorrow morning.

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