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Santa our 1.1/2yr male chow chow

DSCF228618months later, Santa still sleeps in  the same manner. He is now more obedient. However he has  the typical  Chow chow  stubborn character.Has an  extrovert character, love to play with any dogs big or small. Very family with people and dogs Except cats. Anyone can pat him on the head and he seems to love it. This very friendly characteristic makes him an exception rather than the norm. Chow chow by nature is reserve and a loner. Off all the commands “EAT EAT”  is the only command that he responds spontaneously.
The only  phobia he has is the vehicle with a running engine. He will give a wide berth when approaching a vehicle when the engine is still running. I am glad he developed this phobia , his life  will be safer. He is immune to sound from vacuum cleaner and  fire works. The large sound from a whistle will makes him cock  this head to one side, indicating his curiosity.

He uses Teddy our 4yr female chow chow as a role model. When unleashed he follows Teddy very tightly. I have found on numerous occasions,  that If bring him alone for a walk without Teddy he seem to be at a lost. When it is meal time, he will wait in front of his meal bowl  and wait for Teddy to approach her meal bowl. He never steal  any of teddy’s meal. This pecking order was not taught by me, he understands  his position in the family. I like his behaviour when  Teddy at times steal his favourite toy, there is no fight, he will slowly claw towards teddy with a low body posture and wait until teddy lost interest with the toy, and we will slow approach and carry the toy back to his favourite corner.    He is weighing as much as teddy, and yet  he respect  Teddy and in this canine mind Teddy is his elder sister.



Santa gets alone very well with our 4yr old Female Teddy. He eats , sleeps and play together.

Teddy is a typical chow, she does not like to play with other dogs, and will not allow any stranger to pat him. If  visitors comes to our house, she will allows it only after the  visitor  sit down and start to converse with us. She will allows visitors to come through the door after greeting from us .
Santa after a few barks, will quite down, when he senses  that the stranger at the door is an invitee.

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