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Definition of Joy and Happiness.


Joy is after a hard day work and returning home to be greeted by 2 furry bodies rushing out of the door and with their tails waggling like a malfunction copter blade and trying to give me a bath with their licks. When they leaned hard against my legs this takes away all the tiring. To return their warm robust greeting, giving each of them a good body rub and seeing them go limb and lying on the floor for more makes me feel good. This ritual that is repeated every evening makes me want to rush home after work. My poor wife has to wait for a full 5-10minutes before she received my hug.

Happiness is to have two body temperature arm-rests to rest my arms when I relax on the sofa after dinner. It is most comfortable during the cold autumn and winter period. Chow chow with their thick and soft coat offers a perfect armrest and a body warmer. Their patience to be my arm –rest while I watch TV, fortified the definition of companionship.

They asked for very minimum in return, other than a good walk after meal. Their love and devotion to my wife and me is endless. In addition they boost my Wife sense of security when I am out of town. With them around it gives me peace of mind. When they comes on call, reminds us of our children when they were young. My constant body guard when I am in the study. Bedtime with their stereo snore when they sleep in our bed room is like a lullaby serenading us to sleep.

Our dogs begging for supper

Autumn has arrive. For the  past 2 weeks I notice our chow chows appetite  have  increase greatly. By 10.00pm our female chow chow will sit in front of me and use this paw to tap my knee. This is a signal that she use to draw my attention. If I stand up and ask what do you want, she will walk to the pantry where  we keep all their food and titbits. A meat jerky will settle the issue.

I have come to a conclusion that our chow chows might be able to speak, however they are able to use doggie action and sign to draw our attention. I am able to understand her signal quite accurately.
walking to the door – means she want to be let out to pee, wanting to the pantry- means she wants to be feed. If my wife raise her voice , she will immediately goes to her and sit between her legs and tap her knee—as if to pacified her to calm down.

Our 2 chow chows love the cold weather, this week sudden autumn cold Snap sending the temperature down to below 10c. Makes them all lively again.

They are running around without their usual heavy panting. Chow chow with their heavy coat loves the cold weather. Last night they were sleeping in front of the open window instead of their usual place that is in our bed room. They love this weather, for me this is very uncomfortable. Have to wear heavy clothing when bringing them for their evening walk. Autumn season makes our dogs into a glutton, have to increase their meal portion, if not they will coming to beg for supper later in the night.

Our dogs begging for Super.

For 2 consecutive nights our 2 dogs came begging for supper. Autumn seems to make them  hungrier than normal.  When my dogs comes to my study and start tapping their pawls on my lap, this is a signal that they are  trying to tell me something. To analysis  their action,  I will stand up and ask “ what do you want”,  if they want towards the door- it means they want to go out to peeve.
For these two nights they walked towards their meal bowl, and start staring up at me when they reach  the meal bowl.

Their ability to use this form of action to draw my attention is uncanny, this is self taught. I have found that if we  take care to observe their action and signals, we are able to double guess their request.

Emotional bond.

Today is miserable day for me and Michelle. Normally every morning Santa will give us a morning call by licking our foot. This morning was all quite, this active footballer was not able to get up from his crouching position. Massage does not work, have to help him up bodily. Santa works with a limp, have to carry him to the car to visit the Vet. This is no an easy task , 28kgs of fur and lifting it on to the car seat take some effort.
X ray results do not reveal any problem. Than why is he limping? The Vet was not able to give me his opinion, and what to do to set it right. He finally decided to give a injection consisting of honey mix and some mild pain killer.

On the way back, Michelle make a statement that makes me very uncomfortable. “ Santa please do not die, I cannot take it, if you leave me. Please get well soon”. I know Michelle loves Santa with all her heart, but to express this level of emotion was beyond my expectation.

Santa did not take his breakfast. During lunch, Michelle hand feed him .I had to return to work after lunch. The Biggest surprise and a big bonus await me. Santa was limping towards me when I open the door. I yell out with joy and a sense of happiness. When I left the house after lunch, Santa was still not able to get up. In 5 hours Michelle had nurse him back. Apparently, the injection is effective.

During dinner our glutton Santa finished his meal in not time, to me this is a good sign.
Michelle was all smile, when Santa is able to go for this evening walk.
Michelle was chatting and happy like a lark, her treasure is not recovering.

Keeping my find cross to see, how Santa behaves tomorrow morning.

Traumatized by fire crackers.


Chinese New year in china, where letting off of  fire crackers is a tradition and  will goes on for 15days. During this period Teddy our female chow chow, will be traumatized by the sound of firework and the the bangs of the crackers. Even low decibel firework sound will deter her from leaving the house even for her all important daily walk.  I am seeing some improvement this year, she no longer runs and hides under chairs or bed. This is her 3rd trying years.


The most amazing thing is that our 2nd chow a 1.1/2 year old male  does not exhibits any loud sound phobia.  High decibel fire crackers sound does not deter him from this outdoor venture. He does not exhibits any sign of anxiety or fear during his daily walk. Sniffing bushes and dustbins even when  fire crackers is being  left off nearby.  He amuses me and other passer-by when he sits down and watch a firework display.

At night if  he sees a firework lighting up the sky he will runs to the window and perch on it  to enjoy the view. This is one crazy dog, that I am still trying to fathom his character. He gives the vacuum cleaner a wide berth—is the sound or the moving vacuum head that makes him apprehensive?

Today is the 10th day of the Chinese new year festive period, and for the past 10 days I have to do a double walk. Instead of bringing both of my dogs for a walk at the same time,I can only walk with Santa our fearless male after dinner and bring Teddy out very late in the night when there  is not more sound of firecrackers. Double walk is fine as I take it as an extra exercise, However during this period the outside temperature is –20deg C, this make it very uncomfortable.

For my lovely companions, I am not complaining, as I sympathize with the trauma that Teddy is going through during this period.     

Loving our dog or Humanising it


We love our dogs very much. However I feel uncomfortable when I notice my wife trying to humanise our dog. Conducting conversation and having small talk with our dogs. Her action makes me feel as if I am neglecting her.
Sentences like “ why is your tail dropping ,is mom  neglecting you……………..
”did your sister bully you to day” and the word “sister refers to Teddy our Female chow chow.
P3050008 santa-4mth old-3

Whenever she is in the kitchen, our 2 dogs will be  laying the kitchen floor, and she will talks to our dogs as she prepare the meal. It is an amusing scene, our dogs will cock their heads to one side with a puzzle look. 
Her care and devotion to our dogs is equivalent to her devotion taking care of our son when he was young and that was 10 plus years ago. Our son is now in  the U  and only return home once a week and my constant  outstation trips do have an effect on her. I am glad our 2 obedience chow chows is providing her some comfort during her lonely time. One unique action that Teddy has which I find puzzling is her sensitivity to her mood, if my wife is angry or rise her voice, Teddy will immediately curl around her and  tap her pawl on her  leg to comfort her. This is the best sedative, once Teddy pat her pawl against her legs she will cool down immediately and she will pat Teddy on the head.

A feel time when Teddy lost her appetite and does not take her good, she will fry an egg and add it to her food. The  aromatic smell of fresh fried egg,  is highly effective to turn on Teddy’s appetite.

Whenever she grooms our dogs, she will examines  closely their ears and the various parts of their body, her close attention to details  have  help to save a fair amount of Vet bills. Smelly ears and rashes was taken care off immediately.