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Santa’s 3rd birthday

oct 2012

1st Oct is Santa’s 3rd birthday. 3 years of happy time with us.
One crazy dog, with a highly protective streak. A living intruder alarm.
Having a happy go lucky type character.








My wife had started to humanized our 2 dogs since the day they are with us.

for Santa’s birthday. She prepared Santa’s meal with extra helping of  2 fried eggs.






01102012277 (1024x610)

Our  faithful watch dog and a good companion. He  practically leech around my wife. Sleep in our room at night.During the day

Santa’s followed my wife to the office, and share her room.

Santa the overgrown Puppy.


As of today he is 2.5years old. Supposed to an adolescent by now. However he still behaves like a puppy.
Every evening when I am in my study on my computer, we will sleep just outside the room away from the light. However the moment , I leave for for bed room to retire for the night,  by the count of 5 he will be in the room. His favourite sleep place is at the foot of our bed.

Even in the day time, on occasion, I will take a nap during the weekend, the moment I am in the bedroom, he will be in within a minute. At time I am wondering if he is spying my movement.
When we go for a lash free walk, the max distance we will walk away from me is no more than 10ft, thereafter he will turn his head to see if I am behind him. We will move on only when  I move toward him. His is able to read hand signal very well. Proceed straight – if I stretch out my arm out and wave my palm outward. Turn left/right if I move my arm to the respective position.

He is always the one to greet me when I return from work, and will stay to pawl my legs. A good body rub will calm him down. BUT will walk towards the shelf where we keeps his titbits, expecting a reward. He always get this titbit.

Normally chow chow does not like to play or mix around with other dogs. Santa is unique, he does not have this characteristic, whenever he sees a dog, he will rush over and try to be friendly. If the dog does not responses to his invite he will start to bark. He has no preference big or small dog is fair game.

Whenever we go fishing I have keep an eye on him, as he loves to walk around the water edge and wet himself all over. If I land a fish and allow it to flip around on the ground, he will bark his head off.But will make no attempt go near or even smell the fish.

Love to play with his balls, he have 3 rubber balls of various sizes, his favourite is the one that is small enough for him to carry in this mouth. If we are sitting around he will  entice one of us to play with him. He is a very good dribbler, able to dribbler  the ball between his 2 front pawls and move the ball around. If we are around, he will dribbles the ball toward us and happiness to him is when we pick up the ball and throw it. Chasing after the ball and dribbling it back to us over an over again until we call it a day.

His best attributes: when out for a walk he will not disturb passerby, make not attempt to move toward strangers. Pooh at designated area without fail. Not a fussy eater,eat what is given. Very alert, will move towards the door and start barking if there is a slight sound. Many a time we are not even aware a stranger had just passed by our door. Bark furiously, but will make no attempt to bite nor nip at stranger. 
Stranger to our house, bark and calm down once we invite the stranger in and make a piss sign. Does not have the habit of jumping up on stranger. Does not dig or mess up flower beds. Does not beg for food when are eating. Well behaviour when visiting the Vet and groomer.

Minor disturbing  behaviour : Will start to pawl us after his evening meal ,if we do not bring him out for a walk. Very impatient,will keep whining until he is out off the door. Loves to chase after cats,squirrel. fowls and birds.

His favourite: Play ball, eat,car ride, lash free outing in the natural reserve.

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Our son is Santa’s person.

My son is Santa’s  favourite companion. Whenever my son returns from the university every weekend, Santa’s raunchy welcome  the moment he stepped into the house  is very heartwarming , jumping and licking him all over, to cool down this hyper active action takes some coaching.

Santa’s will follow him to his room and stay there for the whole day. At time I felt jealous, I have been taking care of this crazy Santa, feeding and walking him without fail daily including weekend.
However, I do not play ball  or engage in any rough horse-play with him. Santa is a very active dog,  this activity with my son suit him well.    As a result our relation is relative formal.

Santa our 1.1/2yr male chow chow

DSCF228618months later, Santa still sleeps in  the same manner. He is now more obedient. However he has  the typical  Chow chow  stubborn character.Has an  extrovert character, love to play with any dogs big or small. Very family with people and dogs Except cats. Anyone can pat him on the head and he seems to love it. This very friendly characteristic makes him an exception rather than the norm. Chow chow by nature is reserve and a loner. Off all the commands “EAT EAT”  is the only command that he responds spontaneously.
The only  phobia he has is the vehicle with a running engine. He will give a wide berth when approaching a vehicle when the engine is still running. I am glad he developed this phobia , his life  will be safer. He is immune to sound from vacuum cleaner and  fire works. The large sound from a whistle will makes him cock  this head to one side, indicating his curiosity.

He uses Teddy our 4yr female chow chow as a role model. When unleashed he follows Teddy very tightly. I have found on numerous occasions,  that If bring him alone for a walk without Teddy he seem to be at a lost. When it is meal time, he will wait in front of his meal bowl  and wait for Teddy to approach her meal bowl. He never steal  any of teddy’s meal. This pecking order was not taught by me, he understands  his position in the family. I like his behaviour when  Teddy at times steal his favourite toy, there is no fight, he will slowly claw towards teddy with a low body posture and wait until teddy lost interest with the toy, and we will slow approach and carry the toy back to his favourite corner.    He is weighing as much as teddy, and yet  he respect  Teddy and in this canine mind Teddy is his elder sister.



Santa gets alone very well with our 4yr old Female Teddy. He eats , sleeps and play together.

Teddy is a typical chow, she does not like to play with other dogs, and will not allow any stranger to pat him. If  visitors comes to our house, she will allows it only after the  visitor  sit down and start to converse with us. She will allows visitors to come through the door after greeting from us .
Santa after a few barks, will quite down, when he senses  that the stranger at the door is an invitee.

Santa at 13months old

santa5This weekend with it’s cold and rainy weather, Teddy and Santa have to stay indoor. An ideal opportunity to  give them a  good clean up. Started with brushing of their teeth, trim their nails and a good brushing  of their heavy winter coat.
A check on their weight  caught be with some surprise. Teddy  3 years old female weighted in at 24kgs.  and Santa,13months old male has over taken Teddy. He tips the scale at 26kgs. He is really growing up  fast.
Reflecting back to last Nov,  Santa was a tiny pup weighing only 2kgs.  In 12 months he has put on 24kgs.
Santa is now in a more stable stage, having move pass his adolescent period. More  responsive to commands, but has not lost his playfulness. Compare to our layback Teddy,  his is  much more active and a skilful footballer. 
He  has a personality, that is totally difference to the normal chow chow character. Chows normally is a loner, does not like to pay with other dogs, Teddy exhibits this typical character. However Santa will play with any dogs big or small, cannot resist moving towards any strange dogs.

Santa sleeping under a blanket

Poor Santa had his hair cropped during summer when he  developed rashes on his back.
Winter has arrived  a bit early this year. Temperature dropped to –1deg C yesterday, and when he sleep, he had to  curled up and tucked his legs under his body like a ball to keep warm. Without his full coat he is having a tough time weathering the cold spell.
Covering him with a blanket, and he sleeps happily, in a comfortable posture.

Santa 1year old-

P9030004 I am now noticing a change in this wayward  adolescent behaviour. Santa is now more discipline. Meal time etiquette is perfect, gone are the unruly behaviour of trying to steal Teddy food.

Sit back after he had finished his food and lay back and watch Teddy having his meal.


I am glad that the months spend instilling  the pecking order is working.

No more fight over foods,

Santa and Teddy gets along very well together. They will have their daily doggie wrestling match after meal time.  When off lash ,Teddy will be the leader with Santa following behind taking clue from Teddy. Once Teddy barks Santa will follow. Once a squirrel is sighted both will goes for it.

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