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Love and attachment

april2012-2Dogs do have your special way to make their owner love and treasure them. The nature of my business requires me to leave the house every month. Whenever I pack my bag the night before my departure, she sense that  I will be leaving the house soon. When I pack my bag, she will moves very closely around me and rub her body hard against my legs as I packed.Normally I packed my bag in my study room, as usual, after packing, I will be on my computer during this period she will be laying around very close to my legs,at time even laying on top of my feet. When  I retired into my bed room, as usual, she will be sleeping in our room. MY other dog,Santa  a 2 year old male chow chow has yet to developed this understanding that packing bags means I will be leaving the house.

They have never failed to show their love and happiness when I return from my sales trip. The moment I open the door apron my return, 2 cannon ball of muscles will be jumping up and down, kissing and lapping all over  my legs and hands or what every parts of my body that they can lay their mouth on.  Their tails will be whirling like a propeller gone crazy. They will only calm down after I had given each a fair share of body and head rubs.
It will take at least 3-4 minutes before I have a chance to remove my shoes and move pass the door way. They will follow me in to the study and both of them will rush to smell each any very part of my luggage, trying to detect all the scents. Dogs apparent “see” through their nose.

My wife normally pick me up at the airport, and she will always fore warn me that our 2 crazy dogs will be waiting at the door for our return. This special home coming greeting is most heart warming.

This raunchy form of greeting is extended to every member of our family should they leave the house for a period of time. They will be all over my son when he returns from the U during the weekend.

Every night when I work in my study, Terry  the older female chow, will follow my wife to the bedroom when she relax and watch TV in the room. Santa the the younger male will be sleeping just outside my study the lights and noise from the computer do  disturb his sleep. When it is time  to retire to my bed room, Santa will be in my bedroom before I even have a chance to jump onto my bed. I am wondering how he knows that I had I am no longer in my computer room. He is snoring away every night by the time  I  call it a day, any yet he is able to  detect my movement even in this sleep. This amazing canine ability is way above  us.

Having a dog in the house is good replacement when our kids had grown up and living in their own hemisphere. I am glad that our 2 loving chow chow is in a way keeping my wife company when I am away.
In fact my wife treats our dogs like a kid. During the initial stage when  I see my wife talks to our dogs as if they were kids with the ability to understand what is is talking, make me uncomfortable, and I was afraid that my constant travels had an effect on her. 
I had asked her why she talks to the dogs like the way she speak to a kid, her explanation was , she like to keep the dog happy and feel wanted. I am now happy and feel secure that her action is more of her natural maternal instinct than anything else.  In short a dog is a 4 legged  security alarm, a companion that does not talk back and  most important an emotional therapist.

To be loved and be wanted and the chance to display our loves plays an an important in ensuring that our daily life is rewarding and stress free with a good feeling emotion.