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Love and attachment

april2012-2Dogs do have your special way to make their owner love and treasure them. The nature of my business requires me to leave the house every month. Whenever I pack my bag the night before my departure, she sense that  I will be leaving the house soon. When I pack my bag, she will moves very closely around me and rub her body hard against my legs as I packed.Normally I packed my bag in my study room, as usual, after packing, I will be on my computer during this period she will be laying around very close to my legs,at time even laying on top of my feet. When  I retired into my bed room, as usual, she will be sleeping in our room. MY other dog,Santa  a 2 year old male chow chow has yet to developed this understanding that packing bags means I will be leaving the house.

They have never failed to show their love and happiness when I return from my sales trip. The moment I open the door apron my return, 2 cannon ball of muscles will be jumping up and down, kissing and lapping all over  my legs and hands or what every parts of my body that they can lay their mouth on.  Their tails will be whirling like a propeller gone crazy. They will only calm down after I had given each a fair share of body and head rubs.
It will take at least 3-4 minutes before I have a chance to remove my shoes and move pass the door way. They will follow me in to the study and both of them will rush to smell each any very part of my luggage, trying to detect all the scents. Dogs apparent “see” through their nose.

My wife normally pick me up at the airport, and she will always fore warn me that our 2 crazy dogs will be waiting at the door for our return. This special home coming greeting is most heart warming.

This raunchy form of greeting is extended to every member of our family should they leave the house for a period of time. They will be all over my son when he returns from the U during the weekend.

Every night when I work in my study, Terry  the older female chow, will follow my wife to the bedroom when she relax and watch TV in the room. Santa the the younger male will be sleeping just outside my study the lights and noise from the computer do  disturb his sleep. When it is time  to retire to my bed room, Santa will be in my bedroom before I even have a chance to jump onto my bed. I am wondering how he knows that I had I am no longer in my computer room. He is snoring away every night by the time  I  call it a day, any yet he is able to  detect my movement even in this sleep. This amazing canine ability is way above  us.

Having a dog in the house is good replacement when our kids had grown up and living in their own hemisphere. I am glad that our 2 loving chow chow is in a way keeping my wife company when I am away.
In fact my wife treats our dogs like a kid. During the initial stage when  I see my wife talks to our dogs as if they were kids with the ability to understand what is is talking, make me uncomfortable, and I was afraid that my constant travels had an effect on her. 
I had asked her why she talks to the dogs like the way she speak to a kid, her explanation was , she like to keep the dog happy and feel wanted. I am now happy and feel secure that her action is more of her natural maternal instinct than anything else.  In short a dog is a 4 legged  security alarm, a companion that does not talk back and  most important an emotional therapist.

To be loved and be wanted and the chance to display our loves plays an an important in ensuring that our daily life is rewarding and stress free with a good feeling emotion.   

Santa our 1.1/2yr male chow chow

DSCF228618months later, Santa still sleeps in  the same manner. He is now more obedient. However he has  the typical  Chow chow  stubborn character.Has an  extrovert character, love to play with any dogs big or small. Very family with people and dogs Except cats. Anyone can pat him on the head and he seems to love it. This very friendly characteristic makes him an exception rather than the norm. Chow chow by nature is reserve and a loner. Off all the commands “EAT EAT”  is the only command that he responds spontaneously.
The only  phobia he has is the vehicle with a running engine. He will give a wide berth when approaching a vehicle when the engine is still running. I am glad he developed this phobia , his life  will be safer. He is immune to sound from vacuum cleaner and  fire works. The large sound from a whistle will makes him cock  this head to one side, indicating his curiosity.

He uses Teddy our 4yr female chow chow as a role model. When unleashed he follows Teddy very tightly. I have found on numerous occasions,  that If bring him alone for a walk without Teddy he seem to be at a lost. When it is meal time, he will wait in front of his meal bowl  and wait for Teddy to approach her meal bowl. He never steal  any of teddy’s meal. This pecking order was not taught by me, he understands  his position in the family. I like his behaviour when  Teddy at times steal his favourite toy, there is no fight, he will slowly claw towards teddy with a low body posture and wait until teddy lost interest with the toy, and we will slow approach and carry the toy back to his favourite corner.    He is weighing as much as teddy, and yet  he respect  Teddy and in this canine mind Teddy is his elder sister.



Santa gets alone very well with our 4yr old Female Teddy. He eats , sleeps and play together.

Teddy is a typical chow, she does not like to play with other dogs, and will not allow any stranger to pat him. If  visitors comes to our house, she will allows it only after the  visitor  sit down and start to converse with us. She will allows visitors to come through the door after greeting from us .
Santa after a few barks, will quite down, when he senses  that the stranger at the door is an invitee.

Santa sleeping under a blanket

Poor Santa had his hair cropped during summer when he  developed rashes on his back.
Winter has arrived  a bit early this year. Temperature dropped to –1deg C yesterday, and when he sleep, he had to  curled up and tucked his legs under his body like a ball to keep warm. Without his full coat he is having a tough time weathering the cold spell.
Covering him with a blanket, and he sleeps happily, in a comfortable posture.

Having a picnic at the forest reserved.

Autumn is my favourite season. Cool , bright sunny weather surrounded  by a  scarlet scenery,leaves in all shade of red.
Time to bring our dogs to the natural reserve for a picnic.   
Santa has his head out of the car once we enter the reserve, taking in all the new sight and smell.
Once the tent  was pitched up, Both our dogs treat the tent as their territory, staying close by tent as Sentry.

However their hunting instinct remains hardwired in their head.  Once a bird or squirrel is sighted—these 2 bodies of fur will be galloping towards  the  prey. I very good exercise for them, see them doing their fruitless run and return panting.

It is also a good time to gauge their level of obedience, seeing them run and chase after the squirrels and return without being called and stay around the tent, after their fruitless hunt is very comforting.


This breed has been portrait as an aloof and unfriendly to strangers. In the USA it is classified as  fierce breed and this is true only if it is being kept  in a cage and  insolation.
I have come to a conclusion that this breed in an urbanised  area with high human traffic  are a friendly dog and does not display any apprehension to human, dogs or vehicles .Very lay back when the ambient temperature  is relatively high. 

Socializing :  Interaction with strangers and mixing around from puppy hood stage is Vital.

My job brings  me to many  countries which gave me the opportunity to observe this Chow Chow  breed in the various places that I had visited.  The chow chows that I encountered in Thailand around the service hotel that I stayed whenever I am in Bangkok are all allowed to roam  freely, Thais seem to like this breed. I have yet to see a chow chow on leash.  The few chow chows that lived around the service hotel, is very approachable, they do not bark at any of the passer by. As I love fishing very of often, my Thai friends will bring me to the various fishing ponds located on  the out skirt of Bangkok proper. At two fishing ponds the owners have chow chow as pet.I was surprised that  the dogs in these recreational are also allowed to roam freely, the chow chow leaves pass-by alone, the dogs does not even approach the visiting anglers.  

In Hong Kong, there  is a street  around the Mongkok area with rows and rows of  pet shops, groomers and Vets. Some of the chows chows ( on leash) that accompanied their master to these shops exhibits the same independent altitude oblivion to the crowds along the  pavement.

Surprisingly, these breed is not  so popular in  my home country(Singapore). When I moved our operations to china, I have all the opportunity to observe the chow chow. This is a very popular breed and is highly valued, and command a very high prize.  I am greatly surprised by the chow chow  friendliness in the city that I lived in. In  the city that I lived in, there is a law that forbids walking the dogs after 7am in the morning.
Chow chow is consider a large breed, and is supposedly not allowed with the inner city can only be kept in the suburb.  When walking the dogs, most dog owners do not leash their dog.  Being  a popular breed, I have all the opportunity to observed the chow chow with their owners every evening. Leash free and tagging along with the owner,  or sniffing around  the various bushes while the owners either chats or perform their evening exercise.Chinese  Nationals are very health conscious and very proud of their dogs, so when I ask questions, reply was very forth coming. To summarised, listed are their reply

  • The dogs have been given free rein since puppy days.
  • We do not keep them in a cage.
  • Since the day they acquired the puppy,they had been bringing the dogs to the park every morning and evening. ( the park is crowded every morning with nearby residents doing their tai-se exercise. 
  • Does your chow chow chase after cats—yes, it ok, there are trees around, so the cats will be up on the tree in no time, no harm done.
  • Do you beat your dog: NO,—it is not necessary a very loud  command will bring them around.
  • Train the chow chow yourself or at the training school: about 15% do send their dogs to the school, for the rest—self trained through reading dog training books.
  • House breaking: ALL  chow chow owners are proud that their dogs are have yet to “pot” in the house other then urinating during the puppy stage. Chow Chow are very particular in their potty habit.
  • Is chow chow friendly to other dogs:  Our chows does not like to play with other dogs, prefer to be alone,  if a friendly dog comes along, just a sniff ( to acknowledge)  and that is all. But will put up fight if the new comer is aggressive.

Bottom line:  Socializing your chow chow from day one is Vital.

Where is the pack leader

Left  home on Sunday the 11th for LV. The next day when  my wife and I have a video chat on MSN,she indicated that our two dogs is sleeping  on the floor beside her, So I called their name “Teddy, Santa” and I blow a mouth whistle, the moment, I called their name they rushed to the the door and started to bark. They really miss me. From now on I will not call their name again, as it will be very stressful to them, Hearing my voice and not able  to locate me.—Have to say sorry for this un thoughtful act.