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Chow Chow Loves Snow.

19th nov2011 Santa's 3rd winter-219th nov 2011 1st snow fall19th nov 2011  1st snow fall

Our chow chows love  the cold winter season. They love playing in the snow and can spend hours  out door even when temperature is –20deg C.
My only fear is their pawls getting frost bite. They dislike wearing  doggie boots. Santa’s favourite action is to immersed this head into  piles of snow.
Yesterday was this year 1st snow fall  and it continued   for  morning the next day lasting more than 12 hrs.  Clearing the drive way is a tough job  but full of fun specially with our 2  crazy dogs trying to stop the  the snow board.
The moment I had pushed the snow into a pile they will jump on top of it. Normally  when I command “ Go home” they will walk back into the house. However when there is snow around, commanding them into the house  takes some shouting before they obey.

I can see their displeasure when they walk slow back towards the door with their heads down and constantly turning  their heads back to look at me as if to say—“ I want to play, can I stay” . Once I see their sad expression, I have to reverse by command. The word  “come” will see 2 rushing bodies galloping into the snow pile.

For the past 2 years I have not been able to create a snowman, The moment  I built the body , Santa will jump on to the snow pile. I had given up making a snow man thereafter.