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Doggie’s code of conduct. Hierarchy at it’s best.

Doggie hierarchy is a code of conduct which all dogs adhered strictly. This evening while our two dogs were having their meal, our neighbor’s young daughter passed by our main door and called to see the dogs. Teddy the older dog paid no attention to the called, However, Santa the younger of the two rushed to the door and started to bark. The greatest surprised was Teddy after finishing her own bowl started to move over to Santa’s bowl and partake what is left in Santa’s bowl.
When I called to Santa to come back, when he walked back to his bowl and seeing Teddy eating his meal, he just stop in front of this bowl and make no attempt to fight or barged towards his bowl. Poor Santa just stands and watch Teddy finished what is left of his meal.
I make no attempt to replenish Santa’s bowl, as I do not want to interfere with their code of conduct.

Our dogs begging for Super.

For 2 consecutive nights our 2 dogs came begging for supper. Autumn seems to make them  hungrier than normal.  When my dogs comes to my study and start tapping their pawls on my lap, this is a signal that they are  trying to tell me something. To analysis  their action,  I will stand up and ask “ what do you want”,  if they want towards the door- it means they want to go out to peeve.
For these two nights they walked towards their meal bowl, and start staring up at me when they reach  the meal bowl.

Their ability to use this form of action to draw my attention is uncanny, this is self taught. I have found that if we  take care to observe their action and signals, we are able to double guess their request.