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Keeping our dogs healthy- DIY way


Our  over the counter medication for our dogs is a war chest consisting of medications to clean ears and to remove and control ear mite.Itch and pain relief spray and other  fungicide spray. Tools and forceps and bags of cotton balls.
Our dogs have a free ranch life style, not confined to cage means and they moved freely around bushes and grass land. This keep our dogs free of pent-up energy and fully socialised having no fear of humans. They play and keep to themself without fear inhibition which means they will not bite or attack passer by. They have a free and easy life style moving between outdoor and indoor as  and when they want.
The negative side of this life style  means we have to constantly  examine  their bodies . Playing around bushes and glass land means there  will be occasional cuts and dirt  on their body.  Twice weekly close examination  and medication  keeps them in good health.