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Traumatized by fire crackers.


Chinese New year in china, where letting off of  fire crackers is a tradition and  will goes on for 15days. During this period Teddy our female chow chow, will be traumatized by the sound of firework and the the bangs of the crackers. Even low decibel firework sound will deter her from leaving the house even for her all important daily walk.  I am seeing some improvement this year, she no longer runs and hides under chairs or bed. This is her 3rd trying years.


The most amazing thing is that our 2nd chow a 1.1/2 year old male  does not exhibits any loud sound phobia.  High decibel fire crackers sound does not deter him from this outdoor venture. He does not exhibits any sign of anxiety or fear during his daily walk. Sniffing bushes and dustbins even when  fire crackers is being  left off nearby.  He amuses me and other passer-by when he sits down and watch a firework display.

At night if  he sees a firework lighting up the sky he will runs to the window and perch on it  to enjoy the view. This is one crazy dog, that I am still trying to fathom his character. He gives the vacuum cleaner a wide berth—is the sound or the moving vacuum head that makes him apprehensive?

Today is the 10th day of the Chinese new year festive period, and for the past 10 days I have to do a double walk. Instead of bringing both of my dogs for a walk at the same time,I can only walk with Santa our fearless male after dinner and bring Teddy out very late in the night when there  is not more sound of firecrackers. Double walk is fine as I take it as an extra exercise, However during this period the outside temperature is –20deg C, this make it very uncomfortable.

For my lovely companions, I am not complaining, as I sympathize with the trauma that Teddy is going through during this period.     

Pre Holiday blues-Separation anxiety.

Spending Christmas N the New year  in Hong Kong, a day before our departure, send off our 2 dogs to my wife’s sister house. She is kind enough to baby sit our dogs. She have 3 dogs of her own, doggies chorus started in high decibel as we approach the  main gate. 5 dogs barking their heads off in various tones. Lucky her neighbours  was not around. When the gate open, the situation was close to mayhem.Dogs jumping and testing each others status. As all the dogs are fully socialized doggies fights did not occurred.However Status testing and re-structuring  of the invisible pecking order begins.  So 2 chows, 1 German Sheppard, 1 collie and 1 tiny terrier mutt. I started to notice  the dogs moved in 2 groups our 2 chows and her 3 dogs.When our chows moves forward they moved back and vs versa.Knowing that these 5 are non aggressive, we leave it to them to sort  the structure out, as we move into the house with our load of bags: My wife handles every details. She had packed 2 blankets( Teddy and Santa’s security covers) their toys in one bag, the other bag contains a container of kibbles and  a pot of her home cook food that she used to feed our dogs.

Detail instructions was given to her sister on how to mix the food, and specific instruction on the dos and don’ts. Her sister parting words” are you asking to baby sit  2 dogs or baby sit a prince and princess.

Park Island15Had a good time in Hong Kong, Visited an outlaying island off Hong Kong- Ma wan island, this is a beautiful island, and it is a pleasure to spend a day away from the mad shopping crowd. This sign was spotted when we tour this island.
An innovative unique sign. No dog allowed sign is common, this NO pee sign is a class of it’s own. Can any dog owner control their dog from peeing.?—even a well trained dog cannot control this natural motion.

Park Island10Park Island22

When we return, around 9pm on the night of  Jan 2. I did not expect my wife to insist that we  go and fetch our dogs back immediately. When we  reached home, we just deposit the luggage and off we went to her sister home to bring our dogs back. Separation anxiety—From the way she rushed to bring our dogs back it appears  she is having separation anxiety instead of the dogs. I know my wife loves our dogs, however this episode reviews that her love and care for our dogs is extra ordinary. It appears she cannot have peace of mind unless Teddy and Santa is around.

The Scene when we reach her sister house is like a circus, dogs barking and our 2 dogs rushing to kiss and lick my wife, the speed and force  that our dogs wag their tails can take on any Hula cheering team.
This form of greeting is one of the reasons that dogs can melt their owner’s heart.