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Definition of Joy and Happiness.


Joy is after a hard day work and returning home to be greeted by 2 furry bodies rushing out of the door and with their tails waggling like a malfunction copter blade and trying to give me a bath with their licks. When they leaned hard against my legs this takes away all the tiring. To return their warm robust greeting, giving each of them a good body rub and seeing them go limb and lying on the floor for more makes me feel good. This ritual that is repeated every evening makes me want to rush home after work. My poor wife has to wait for a full 5-10minutes before she received my hug.

Happiness is to have two body temperature arm-rests to rest my arms when I relax on the sofa after dinner. It is most comfortable during the cold autumn and winter period. Chow chow with their thick and soft coat offers a perfect armrest and a body warmer. Their patience to be my arm –rest while I watch TV, fortified the definition of companionship.

They asked for very minimum in return, other than a good walk after meal. Their love and devotion to my wife and me is endless. In addition they boost my Wife sense of security when I am out of town. With them around it gives me peace of mind. When they comes on call, reminds us of our children when they were young. My constant body guard when I am in the study. Bedtime with their stereo snore when they sleep in our bed room is like a lullaby serenading us to sleep.