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House break- Potty habit.

This breed  sanitary habit is regal, will not spoil their live-in area. Training a chow chow to  potty within the desired area is easy after a few guiding trips. For this breed  guiding  is more appropriate word than training, as my nature they observed a proper sanitary behaviour. My 2 chow chows  have not  potted in our house , it has been accident free all these years. Teddy has been  living with us for 4 years and Santa our new  addition is now 1 year old and we have  not  encounter any accident .

Housebreak:  It is best to bring new acquired puppy on a weekend when we have the time to look after  it the whole day. 

I applied the same method on my 2 chow chows. When I brought Teddy 3 years ago, I did not bring her into the house when we reached home.  My intention was to guide Teddy to pooh on grass surface.  Teddy was allowed to roam freely and oriented herself to the grass area  outside the house. She was given 1/2hr to play and pee. Her first pee on the  grass is important, as she is depositing her marking.
Puppies have a habit of  poohing when they wake up in the morning and  immediately after every meal.

For the whole day, The only word that I speak to her is her name, clap the hand to catch her attention and call her name.   Every hour : clap the hand, Open the door can called “Teddy pee pee”.
Initially she did not  have a clue as to what I was conveying to her,  have to guide her out of the door. By evening on the 5th pee pee call she started to understand. However  this is an important call as she had jus finished her meal. Leashed  her up and guide her to the area  I hope she will do her work.  A few minutes later when she started to go in circle,  I know time for the pooh. After she had done her job  pat her on the head and give her a small biscuit.

The  next day  out, the  first  thing in the morning, and again after breakfast. She is  fed 3 times a day. – The   whole weekend was spend making sure that  she is out every hour. Even with this routine, there were a few accident,  when  her bladder  just let loose. However glad that as far as  poohing is concern, there was no accident. Day time during the week day was my other half responsibility. Evening time , taking teddy to do her job and bring her for a walk  falls on my shoulder.

Teddy’s bladder started to strengthen after the 3rd month which  by this time she is 4 plus months old. The house is than free from loose bladder incident. The few pee  incidents from memory was  four to 5 times, and occurred  during the night when we were asleep,( forgot to let her out before bedtime ).

Conclusion:  Housebreak a  Chow chow  is not a hassle.
Remark: Teddy was allow to  move around freely in the house, as I do not like to cage  Teddy up. My philosophy- why prisoned up your companion. Dog if properly trained and given love need not be caged up.

Word of caution: As we bring our dogs to our office ( they spend half a day in our office ) We have to re-train them – every new environment  needs a new training session. When we first brought Teddy to the office, on her first day she had to spend out side the office, – need to  have her do her marking on the grass area outside our  office.