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Home coming


They had never failed to show their devotion and their raunchy expression,whenever I return home from a trip. My wife and I left home for 2 long week to man our booth at the recent Canton fair2012 in Guangzhou China. This is the longest period both of us have ever been away from home. Our son did a good job taking care of them during our absent.
When we returned  2 days ago, there was a big commotion when our son opens the gate apron our return. 2 thunderbolt of muscles came bolting down the driveway. Each swarming over the other trying to be the 1st to pawl and lick us. With 2 x 30kgs of muscles, we have to stop and drop our luggage to prevent being topple over. Their over drive enthusiasm  to greet us melts our heart. It took more than five minutes of body rubs and hugging before they calm down and allow us to reach house. This commotion brought our neighbor out and they had a good laugh.
For the whole evening both of them leech around us, as if they are worried we might leave  home again. With the long flight back we retired early, as usual they were in our bedroom taking up their sleeping space the moment we stepped into our bedroom.

Our son informed us that Santa and Teddy had been sleeping along the door way the whole period when we were not around. My wife facial expression indicates that she is not too happy with the news.