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Doggie rules and their hidden pecking order

This evening when I transferred the dog  food from the bag to the decanter, I spilled some of the kibbles on the floors. Our 2 dogs was standing between me when  the kibbles started to drop on to the floor. Teddy our  4 years  started to lick up the kibbles. Santa however just stand and watch he made no attempt to approach the  kibbles.Eventually, she just lay down and watch pathetically Teddy enjoying the kribbles . He is obeying cardinal rule of the all mighty pecking order.

Watching Santa with his pathetic look I picked up  some of the kibble and  put it in front of him between his front pawls. He started to lick one  and look at  Teddy, seeing no adverse reaction, he started to lick up the rest.

This invisible doggie rule make  me understand how pack lives together peacefully.  I am wondering, has Human lost this invisible rule, of respecting the elders.

Santa 1year old-

P9030004 I am now noticing a change in this wayward  adolescent behaviour. Santa is now more discipline. Meal time etiquette is perfect, gone are the unruly behaviour of trying to steal Teddy food.

Sit back after he had finished his food and lay back and watch Teddy having his meal.


I am glad that the months spend instilling  the pecking order is working.

No more fight over foods,

Santa and Teddy gets along very well together. They will have their daily doggie wrestling match after meal time.  When off lash ,Teddy will be the leader with Santa following behind taking clue from Teddy. Once Teddy barks Santa will follow. Once a squirrel is sighted both will goes for it.

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