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Our dogs begging for supper

Autumn has arrive. For the  past 2 weeks I notice our chow chows appetite  have  increase greatly. By 10.00pm our female chow chow will sit in front of me and use this paw to tap my knee. This is a signal that she use to draw my attention. If I stand up and ask what do you want, she will walk to the pantry where  we keep all their food and titbits. A meat jerky will settle the issue.

I have come to a conclusion that our chow chows might be able to speak, however they are able to use doggie action and sign to draw our attention. I am able to understand her signal quite accurately.
walking to the door – means she want to be let out to pee, wanting to the pantry- means she wants to be feed. If my wife raise her voice , she will immediately goes to her and sit between her legs and tap her knee—as if to pacified her to calm down.