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Winter is here

Every year when the trees started  to become  bald and the environment  loses it’s greenery changing to various shade of grey, this will give me a down crested feeling.
Another  year  has flown past by, and I am moving into the sunset of my life. Life is uncomfortable during winter with it’s –20deg C temperature and the centre heating makes the house oven dry.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA13nov2010-1st snow fall (800x319)However, winter seems to give a new kick up to my 2 chows. With their very thick coat , they love the snow and the cold temperature.
they will remains outdoor unless, I force them to return back to the house. Eating snow is apparently their favourite  dessert.
I would like to leave them out the whole day, however I am afraid they might have frost bite on their pawls.
Chows are truly the Northern breed with their Mongolian background, living in a minus zero environment is  the norm.

Once in the house, with the heater on, they start to become lethargy and before long they will start to snooze float into their dream land.